Sunday, November 13, 2011

A shoutout to a dear amiga,

"Friend." lol so cheesy

It means way more than having every type of similarity there is to be, from the same preference of shade of lipstick lol omg i dont even wear lipstik ew i dont like the way it feels like and the first and last time i wore lipstick in public was when i was 10 or something for a school choir colour to the same passion to set out into the country to propagate the idea of an ideal world free of war and destitute.

It means way more than going out all the time, to the hippest malls and coolest hang-out spots in the dead of the night, and putting it on Facebook to show the world that we have a life, and a seemingly good one at that.

It means way more when we forsake our time with friends and appreciate more that of our family's, for whenever and whatever, family comes first, and have an understanding of that together.

  • Friendship is when you eat your friend's food without permission and finish it all up without leaving anything for her.
  • Friendship is when you let your friend to eat their food, because you know they offered you some just because they were being polite and they hadn't eat anything yet today.

  • Friendship is when you can be apart for months on end but when you do meet, you cannot stop talking.
  • Friendship is when you meet a friend every single day for the rest of your life, and sometimes have an veherryy awkward pause between conversations.

  • Friendship is when you fight all the time, but get on the right track anyway somehow.
  • Friendship is when you don't fight at all, because of mutual understanding and respect.

  • Friendship is when you have an awesome too-complex-for-words secret handshake that not one person on Earth can copy for a million years.
  • Friendship is when you can't decide between a high-five or a casual handshake when you meet.

It's really subjective, isn't it? Not having something or having too much of something doesn't make someone less of a friend. Don't label a friend the way the world label theirs. Our friendship is ours. Theirs is theirs. It's unique, and that's what makes it so special.

Even though you regard a friend as one of your best friends, and she doesn't, it's okay. Labeling is not important, it's how you feel is what matters, and hold on to that.

Hold on to memories. Seriously, especially for the past few days I've been laughing my head out (secara tiba-tiba dan keseorangan plak tu -.-) when recounts of hilarious events suddenly came the blazes out of nowhere. Sigh. My Our awkward teenage years, eh?

It might seem hard to believe, but I learned this the hard way. I was ungrateful and now I'm aching with missery of missing. So, do appreciate everything that you have now, and hold on to the most beautiful of the past and chin up for the unpredictability of the future.

and aiyoo my mother was always like 'alin, try this new lipstick on that i bought, just want to see what it looks like' but i know that she's just trying to get me used to that idea of actually wearing it someday but no no noooo no-hoooo