Thursday, April 07, 2011

14 missed calls? lololol

Inshaallah this afternoon my friends and I will be going out to watch a movie. "Hop", they say =__= Well they do love cute little animals. Ok ok, I shouldn't be prejudicial towards non-Disney Pixar animated movies, because I've been wrong loads of times by a measly trailer, like How To Train Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda, so yeah... They also mentioned Harry Potter in the trailer, so that's something. I hope July comes fast, because the last movie will be out! Together with the WINNIE THE POOH (!) and Hanna! I've been preparing myself by rereading the book series (currently in the fifth) and rewatching the movie series all over again.

And I cooked breakfast today and had 14 missed calls from Hanisah because I could only focus one thing at a time *oh yeahh oh yeahhh* Sunny side-up eggs and toast. Well I could only cook Western, though I much much prefer good ol' Malay breakfast. But the spices needed and the intricate quantity is too hard to remember for me -.-

Ok bye.