Saturday, May 29, 2010

Three in two.

Salam allo. It has been NO-SCHOOL for two days and I still got one day left! mwahaha. I was looking forward for the yesterday's holiday (wesak day) on Friday because my overworked (overstatement.) brain needs some rest after two straight weeks of exam. And I still got one week of exams left, but still there's going to two days of no school next week and there's the holidays the next! Mwahahhaa.

But I certainly have went on a holiday mode yesterday for watching two movies, that is the Madonna's-ex-husband-directed movie, Sherlock Holmes and the 2001 movie, Serendipity of which both centers around signs, clues and coincidences. Hanisah recommended Sherlock Holmes, which was great, and what do you know? RDJ practices Wing Chun Kung Fu in real life! You know, the martial art in the movie, Ip Man! Wow, never knew about that and Ip Man was awesome, thanks to Amirah for recommending it too. Actually I've had these movies for ever encrypted in the hard drive, but never had the chance or the interest to watch it before, ehak.

I love Eugene Levy!

And Serendipity, this one, of Baba's recommendation. And surprisingly, it's a romantic comedy. I don't like much romance, I prefer dramedy (drama comedy) movies like Forrest GumpMarley & Me and The Bucket List but this one is good, though it's got some flaws here and there. Nevertheless, alll the coincidences and the signs which brought them together in the end, it's really sweet.

I watched Percy Jackson & The Lighting Thief the day before yesterday which was good as well, pretty surprised that I enjoyed it since they weren't many good reviews and Hanisah said the books were better. But, it was an enjoyable movie anyway, and that's what's important, eh? Coincidentally, the directors for Sherlock Holmes and Percy Jackson were born on the same day! wah. And I'm going to boro boro (excuse that.) Mariyam's The Lightning Thief novel and she's going to boro boro my Hunger Games series :D

Oh well, back to studying. InsyaAllah. I hope. (woaah "deja vu"! ehak. Oh, Deja Vu which starred Denzel Washington is a great movie too! :D)