Sunday, May 23, 2010

Four things.

Salam allo.

  1. First off, ONE FACT: I'm officially the only one (from eight) in this household who doesn't have a facebook account. Apart from my two- and five-year-old sisters. -.- What happened to the world where children were often in the situation where they reluctantly head home after a play at the playground with their friends? And the part where you've got a very long lecture from your father because you've went astray from the limits of your supposed places to be in the neighbourhood? How I miss those times! TV was quite alien to me. Well apart from Star Wars and Mis Tres Hermanas, TV was not much back then. Not like today. I'm glad I'm a 90s kid. (well not going to thirty five years from now!)
  2. Tomorrow I've two exam papers to sit for. And about 10 more. Or more. And tomorrow is also my sister, Anis Amanda's fifth birthday!
  3. I'm featured in Amirah's post! ehek. Kudos to the post you've posted though! A really good piece. Well you know, besides the fact that I'm in it, but I guess that really adds to the good-ness. ehak. Though I'm not such an avid Kpop fan, I still have some liking towards SuJu. And Amirah also said of beauty in her post. I seriously agree -- ahh. Just read this. My blog post on beauty. Read it. Drag and CLICK.
  4. My blog's been pretty dead. It's all just short irrelevant posts and I've been missing posts on my perspective on life and such. Looks like I've been lack of perspectives lately.
Heh. Now back to studying. I hope.