Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy's Mother's Day's.

Salam allo. Waah. Three things:

  1. Since when did blogger changed the publishing a post settings?
  2. My family booked a flight to Bandung somewhere last year and of which the tickets were practically free! Because we and we arrived there on Tuesday and arrived home safely on Friday, alhamdulillah. And we met Amy Search! 0_0
  3. Today's Mother's Day! Although, yes, Mother's Day (and Father's) should be celebrated everyday, but we 'surprised' Ummi today with a McD breakfast. Ummi, a burger, and the six of us, a burger! But being a mother she is, she still shared hers. eheh. The seventh member, namely Anis Amanda, five years old was absent during the whole thing. And she thought we still haven't given the cards yet.  And she said, "Kak Alin! Jom hide pastu kita 'Happy Mother Day' kat Ummi!"
                 "Wokeh! Kak Alin hide atas sofa, Amanda hide belakang sofa, yea?" I said.
                 "Okay!" (imagine a girly girl in pink from head to toe and wide wide wide smile)

                 mwahaha, I'm evil, I know.
  4. Ok bye.