Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thank you for everything :)

10th April

It's Dina's last day :( I knew her since I was 10, so, I was sad like all the others as we knew her for so long. Especially Hazirah and Shuhada (Shu) for they knew each other for 10 years and were best of friends since they're in Standard 3. As 10th April comes, Hazirah and Shu spends a lot of time with her. 

She is a good friend, a super genius, likes to make her friends laugh and would remember almost everyone's birthday :) 

So, of course, we want to make that day a special day :) Like Wawa's farewell + birthday party and Hanim's trip & bowling at the Curve (refer to 21st February post) we'd like to make it special, too :D

She received cards and a "gorilla" card from Alya :P Dina said that card was really "unique :P It also had a  - errr, special meaning to it :P We signed our names and greetings on the gorilla card and I couldn't help but notice she quite frequently open the card now and then on that day :P 

Alya mooted an idea and asked me to make a poem for her. I started to make a poem and I don't exactly remember how a song came to mind as I wrote down the first words.

I asked Amirah's help along the way and as we finished the song and we couldn't help but hum it on the way to the canteen. We think it's very catchy :P But I couldn't remember we get the tune from, because the tune is certainly not original but the lyrics are ;) 

Amirah and I sneakily teach the others the tune of the song in class and during breaks.

Amirah and I suddenly remembered that we got the tune from Sudirman's Apa Khabar Orang Kampung. Hehe :P Or maybe from the Cucur Adabi commercial. Dunno lah which. Both sounds quite identical to me. Errr, moving on.

As it was the last period and it was Agama so we had to go the Maths room for the class (yes, Agama in Maths room :P ) we decided to do it at that time, briefly. We cannot play the truant card mah. Nanti kena tuduh ponteng plak :P

We said to Dina that we had a special performance for her. We rehearsed a while as she's gone to get her camera from Ain and waited at the back of the school to "perform".

As she recorded the video, we, i.e.  me, Amirah, Alya, Hazirah, Shu, Aishah and Hanisah sang the song:

Salam sejahtera buat Dina
Sudah mahu ke seberang sana
Nampaknya sudah, lama 'kan tak jumpa

Jangan lupa kita

Kami di sini setia menunggu
So, marilah jenguk selalu
Lama-lama pun kami tak jemu

Jangan lupa kita (3x)

Idea asal: Alya
Ciptaan: Amnas (Amalina lah, bunyi pro sikit :P) dan Amirah
Ciplak-an: Irama lagu Sudirman "Apa Khabar 
Orang Kampung" ataupun iklan Cucur Adabi.

At the "Huoi" part, we put our hands up in the air, hakhakhak :P After the song, Hazirah and Shu presented a speech to Dina (being recorded too) which was quite funny :P 

The "Huoi!" part reminds me of the old, P. Ramlee movies. Don't remember which movie or which scene, but it does reminds me of that. Alya and I joked about the old movies where girls in "kain batik" would swim in the river while splashing each other and the boys would "skodeng" behind the trees :P

Dina said that she was very "terharu" (flattered) and thank us a million times. Ceh, takde la sampai a million, kuikuikui. 

We went into the Maths room to study agama. Yeah, we were quite late :P Don't try this at school, kids. Ever :]

The bell rings! Yeaaahh! As we go down the hill (the school is situated on top of a hill. YE, serius) Alya, Amirah and I watched Dina and her friends throw flour to each other. Hazirah, being a quite of a clean conscious person, didn't :P

As we waited for Pak Cik Mad to pick us up, we watched the video and laughed at the things we did while we sang the song. Kuikuikui :P

Well, all of us just want to say to Dina, i.e., 

Thank you
terima kasih,
jazakullahu khaira

for everything :)

minta maaf sebab kalau ada apa-apa salah & silap.

Moga Allah sentiasa memberkati anda
dalam perjuangan menempa kejayaan
We'll miss you! :)

P/S:  <------------ a tribute to Dina :P