Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kayak Expedition @ Tasik Putrajaya

Salam allo :)

18th April

When we heard that there was to be another kayak expedition @ Putrajaya like the one that was on 2007, we were thrilled :D

Thus, me, Alya, Amirah, Hazirah, Amal, Hanisah & Mariyam (whose twin, Aishah can't participate due to hand injury) decided to go. I asked Hanim before to participate but she can't because she is no longer a student at the school :(

On the bus...

Approximately, more or less, 
an hour trip from school...

Reached our destination...

- the author had a brief pause due
 to unplesantly painful cramps -

Meehoon breakfast, not that I'm not grateful, but it kinda... er, tastes like plastic. Kind of lah.

"Water confident" program. Went in the pool. Alhamdulillah, succeeded in err, the movement where you have to jump in the water, whilst flapping your hands and feet, to avoid immersing your head in the water (head on the surface). The last time I didn't succeed so, yelah :D

A briefing on kayak tools and equipment...

Changed our attires...

There was to be a quick brief kayaking around the lake just for testing. Alya & I were late so there was no "double kayak" for us, so we had to go for single which was really really tiring.

Row row row your kayak 
gently down the lake...

Lunch: Nasi ayam (chicken rice). Sedaaaaaaap :D Or was it that we were really really hungry? Hehe, nevertheless it almost lead me to second helpings. Almost lah. Because there were no extra, cukup2 je. Pelikla jugak sebab sebelum ni, apa-apa makanan yang bukan mak saya buat, kurang seleranya. Tapi kali ni nak makan banyak pula. HAHAHA, penat sgt kot. Apa-apapun, kita patut bersyukur jugak, dok?

Solat. It was really calming to hear the muazzin recite the azan from the Masjid Putra beside the lake(my house was'nt really near to the masjid; if everyone and everything in the neighbourhood was mute, I can hear lah :P) so, it was really calming and as though all my tiredness dissapear into thin air.I wished my house was near to the masjid :/

We hung out at the nearby pondok, throwing stones in the lake and all. We had a good time lah. Some of us can't stop throwing the stones till we were called. HEHE :P

Another kayak expidition (a longer and far more cramp-inducing than the kayak test before) but this time Alya & I successfully obtained the double kayak! :D Alhamdulillah! :)

We had to do the movement of, errr... We had to join all the kayaks with each kayak joined from the side. The trainer said this step is vital especially at the sea because a kayak can easily get toppled over if they were mega monstrouswaves but when we join all the kayaks, even a big wave cannot topple the kayaks. Wallahualam.

"You! One of you head to the other kayak at the other side." 

A trainer called out to me and Alya. (our kayak was at the outermost left side, the kayaks are still joined together) I remembered this step. This step requires two individuals from different kayaks and from different sides to move to the other's kayak. I was on the left side the other guy was on the right and about 20 kayaks sandwiched between the two sides. So the ones chosen had to cross on all the other kayaks to get there.

I said to Alya it's okay, I'll go. So, I had to step on all the other kayaks to get to the other guy's kayak. While the other guy head to mine. It wasn't that hard though but I remain careful of my steps.

I was bummed because I finally got the chance to kayak with my best friend. But it was quite fun when the waves from the boats speeding up beside us glide under our kayaks which made us bouncing up and down. If you know what I mean. Haaaih, I'm a failure when it comes to descriptive writing. That's why I blog. HAHA :P Err you know, to obtain efficiency in that area of writing... Ape ape lah. Moving on.

But at last, the trainer let me and the other guy get to our respective kayaks. Yeaaa! :D

Then we kayaked to errr, some sort of a dam. Some sort of waterfall. Err, all I can say here is seeing is believing :D The end.

This kayak expidition was pretty short than the previous on 2007 I think the previous kayak expidition was longer and more fun. Never mind lah. It was a good experience, nevertheless :)

Finally, we're on the bus; heading towards home. Oyeah, I captured a video of Amirah & Mariyam dancing to Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry" Kelakar gile yg teramat sgt! HAKHAKHAKHAKHAK :P Tapi terer jgak diaorang menari ;)