Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MEE Steak.

We made, make and will make mistakes.

Salam, allo.

I've been keeping this for a long time now,
so I just rather let it out of my chest.
Err, I've been keeping this in the "draft" section
in my message folder in my handphone for quite some time,
and I would just let my handphone out and read it
when I feel bad about the things I have done.
It makes me feel better a bit and encourages me
to reflect the things that mattered the most and try to solve it out
rather than sulking and moaning and all.
Which, frankly, that I do in a rather ridiculous frequence
(the sulking, I mean)
Which, most days, I would keep it to myself anyway.
Well, ape2lah. Let's get back to the main story:

Well, there are many mistakes that I have done,
silly ones, unforgettable-and-maybe-
unforgivable-but-I'm-not-really-sure-about-that ones,
funny ones x), random ones, the unexpected,
and what-not which I wish I hadn't,
but, of course time is irreversible.
As it is generally known, it can be concluded
that this way, we could learn from them.

Nevertheless, I still wish there was a way that
I could redeem the mistakes I have done with
the right actions that should have been done.
Well, I guess, maybe there are advantages
or hikmah as to why it's fated to be this way;
try to recall the guilt and the dissapointment
and mainly the feeling of embarassment;
generally, that horrible horrible feeling we experienced
and other disadvantages in terms of mental, physical, social
and what-not depending on the mistake that has been done.
Not exactly the type of feeling in which the land of brownies
and fairies in fairy tales are based upon.
Now I'm just being silly. HAHAHAK.
Moving on.

In conclusion, because we are 'haunted' by our mistakes,
it would be less likely for us to repeat the mistake
or would think twice or thrice or fries before we took the action
that could brought us to the path of the disadvantages
that is generally known as I stated earlier.
Err, don't be lazy; scroll upwards a bit. Please :)

Nevertheless, at some situations,
without making mistakes,
we haven't the chance to do wonderful things
that we didn't imagine we could do
or to meet great people
who will play an important part in our lives
within our situation of making
that mistake or in the state of failure.
So don't be too bad about yourself
after making a slight misstep :)

It it is a circle of life, a route that can be considered
as compulsory to be ventured out to achieve our dreams and all.
Yeah I know I sound a bit cheesy and teensy-weensy
Disney Princess-ish, but it's true right? Well, ironically,
it can also happen within our situation of success.

So, I think, the conclusion is, that,
it all depends on Allah's will for He is the Almighty.
It depends on His Qada and Qadar.
For he knows what's best for his servants.
We as his servants should accept what He has fated.
That may be, but, we also should always choose over
the pathway of his blessing and rahmah and to
obey the things He ordered rather than the opposite.

But, people do make mistakes, because we are human.
I, myself, have done a lot of mistakes. A lot.
Honestly, I'm not trying to make you feel better
and it certainly doesn't do me any favour in terms of
unpleasant flashbacks and all but it's true.
And I'm afraid, I will be doing it.
Sooner or later.

It is in human's nature.
Kita semua adalah hamba Allah yang lemah dan hina.

The thing that could be concluded after making mistakes
is that, we should always come to Allah for forgiveness
with the deepest humbleness and modesty
and sincerity and promise not to repeat them.
If the mistakes concerns people, we should
apologize and seek forgiveness from them
and return the things we took from, to its owner.

Well, let's pray and hope for the best that all of us can do
and obey the things He ordered and to abandon the things
that He instucted to avoid, insyaAllah.

For surely we are Allah's and to Him we will return.

Never be ashamed of your mistakes.
It's all a part of growing up.