Monday, August 19, 2013

Chilli & lemon

Just cooked sayur tumis and I must say, it's delicious!!! As usual, I just throw anything I want in, and it turned okay! (This does not occur very often)

That's saying something because like my mom, we don't really like like the food that we made ourselves. Much contrary to those we eat the food will say. Well except mine... Not much comment is made...


Here's the recipe for those who are interested. Which I account for 45% of my readership which makes the total number of people who are interested by this post approximately 0.45 person(s). Hope all of you enjoy.

Lemongrass (Serai)
Some chillis
Oyster sauce
Soy sauce
Any veges (today I used baby corn, kacang pajang and carrots)

1. Heat up the pan, heat up the oil as usual.
NOOB TIP: What I learned from Dapur Bujang. To know if the oil/pan is hot enough, hover your hand over the pan. If it feels hot, it's hot enough. And the amount of oil, approximate your bahan tumis to the oil. Excess oil is not healthy. 1-2 sudu should be enough.

2. If you are near as lazy as I am you would not hassle with any bawang. So just tumis the ginger slices and then the chopped lemongrass. This should be real quick if not the bahan tumis will be hangus.

3. Oyster sauce (about 2 tbsp), some soy sauce (not too much!). I like to put salt at this point because if you put salt after all the veges, it will not be as thorough. But not too much salt in this recipe as oyster and soy sauce combined is masin enough.

4. Put a little water in because I bet the bahan tumis will be almost hangus at this point.
NOOB TIP: To avoid the food you're cooking (especially goreng/tumis-ing) from hangus, put water in.

5. Put in chopped chillies. I put some more ginger and lemongrass here at this point... I really don't know what I'm doing half the time I'm cooking anything really.

6. Put the veges in. The hard-to-layu ones first. The baby corns should be really cooked.

7. Squirtz some lemon juice according to your liking.

8. Add some salt/soy sauce/more lemon juice accordingly. Turn off the heat...