Saturday, July 30, 2011

Feeling a little lyrical.

I miss blogging. I'm usually a private person, but blogging is for me, not for anyone else. These past few months has been a mind-boggling voyage, academically. Of course, there are other things I need to worry about but I let that settle first. I need a creative platform to emit all these feelings bundled up inside and assemble it neatly in a form of creative writing. 

I love English lessons back in school, mainly the-essay writing part. It lets me venture out into the realms of my sometimes non-existent-creativity to spindle words into made-up stories, and not from facts in books concocted by academicians and scholars and scientists and egocentric politicians. It is from me and no one else. I love writing about philosophy and sometimes I wouldn't be too linear to express it and do so by writing fiction navigated by philosophical views.


Getting back to Calculus, it is then.