Sunday, May 15, 2011

A plate of MEE goreng and a well-done STEAK, please.

Geddit geddit? MEE STEAK? Mistake? Hahahaha, hahaha.. hahaaaaa... ha. Right.

Sometimes you'll realize your mistake right away, right after you've done it, like saying something wrong to a person. You should've said sorry straight away, but you were thinking way too much and when you've finally plucked up enough courage to say sorry, you were too late and the timing wasn't right. Sometimes you'd realize your mistake out of blue, only a day later or weeks later.

Ugh I don't feel like writing so I'm just letting my 15-year-old self do the work. LINK

But what's for sure is mistakes make you humble. It's better for you to be humbled by mistakes than being proud of your success after success. For pride and arrogance is a sickness of the heart and won't really make people adore you. He knows what's best for you, after all He is the Lord of The Worlds. That is why after making every effort possible, we should be redha and trust his judgments for there is a reason for everything, no matter how small :)

On  a completely unrelated note, BARCA WON LA LIGA! Oyeahhhhhh. Olela olalaaa visca Barca, visca Catalunya!