Sunday, July 05, 2009

Being your typical 16-year-old movie junkie.

Salam, allo. The movie fever hits me again, hence the movie posters and trailers in this post. I love movies that's about life. Besides being entertaining, it touches the heart and teaches you a thing or two along the way. Drama and comedy are my favourites. Fantasy and sci-fi's okay too. And maybe, a little romance won't hurt! :P "My Sister's Keeper" has got drama and some comedy, "500 Days of Summer" has comedy and romance and "The Time Traveler's Wife" has got it all! Even sci-fi! :D Not sure when the movies are coming out, though. So I can download them. mwahaha :D

Oh yeah, Ummi and I are crazy liking TV3's new show, "Nur Kasih". Dia bukan macam drama lain yg wajib ada perebutan harta, projek besar, banglo besar, anak yg belajar kat luar negara, org upahan bla bla bla yg akhirnya tak tgk habis pon x) Mmg Nur Kasih ada kriteria yg nombor 4 tu, tapi cerita dia lain skit. Walaupun Ummi & sy tertinggal bbrp episod, tapi citer tu mmg best. Banyak pengajaran boleh dipelajari. Kitaorg tak sabar sabar nak tgk episod seterusnya Jumaat depan :D mwahaha.