Sunday, October 26, 2008

Introduction! :D

Salam, hey!

Well, as this is my first entry, I might as well make a proper, brief introduction of myself. Hmm, what to say.. Well, you can call me AmNas, I'm 15 (as of 2008) and just went throught PMR examinations! :D Yeaahh!! I wanted to make a blog months ago but the intention cannot be fulfilled because I was getting ready for my exams.. yep, getting ready... x) Although I am overjoyed to not to study for two consecutive months, I am really nervous about starting Form 4 next year.

First off, I'm not sure if I will achieve best results because my performance was really moderate during the exams, and I'm not sure which stream I should choose. Well, my dream occupation is to be a teacher slash lecturer, whichever but I'm really interested in teaching. Not just because of Rasulallah s.a.w. (pbuh) sunah:

Rasulullah Shallallahu’alaihi wasallam bersabda :
“Apabila seorang anak Adam meninggal, maka akan terputus amalannya kecuali tiga perkara : shadaqoh jariyah, atau ilmu yang bermanfaat, atau anak shalih yang mendoakan kepadanya” (HR Abu Hurairah)

But the joy of teaching someone (if that someone understood what you're blabbing about) and that someone achieves good results because of you teaching him or her cannot be described in words. You feel a sense of satisfaction and that you can put your head in the air. And that sense drives you to teach even more. 

Okie, back to the reason why I'm in dilema to start form 4 next year --- choosing the streams... because I think I'm interested in every subject offered by every stream... [oh man, Im so weeeird] Maybe, possibly, probably because all this years of schooling, all the subjects are decided by the government, which makes me a "go by the flow" person. You know --  lurus bendul, bagai lalang ditiup angin, bagai ular kena palu, bagai.. eh, termasuk pepatah khas untuk perbarisan la plak! x)  Yeah, now I'm babbling bebel plak.

Okeh, my interests. Reading storybooks, [or anything readable for that matter xP] watching movies, [yep, Im a movie fanatic/enthuasist] listening to music, [anything that rings to my ears except hip-hop, rap, that metal2 stuff la] photography [still learning], camping, swimming, surfing the net. Oh yeah, I'm still new on this blogging thing, so hope you guys can help me, keyh? Thank you! Terima kasih! Syukran! Jazakullahu khaira! Aligato! Gracias! Grazie! :D

Well, that's all for now. Okey, let's listen to this soothing and jovial song to brighten up your day! Enjoy! :D

* heard "Raindrops Are Falling On My Head" [BJ Thomas] in Spiderman 2 which shows Peter's blissful mood after abandoning his Spiderman identity and its responsibilities. I love the funny scenes while the song was playing. Watch the video!