Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Post Pre-U

 My tutorial mates. They're the funniest bunch, I tell you.

My best friend at PASUM, Siti Nabihah. She's going to pursue medicine at UM! She's a total genius and most of the time I sit in a corner and have a "Hey I'm mediocre but I'm nice" stamped on my forehead. She taught me a lot about Islam that I've never known before and I'm grateful for that.
Nina and Aisya. These two girls are the duo Nabihah and I are most close with in my tutorial class. They're both going to pursue medicine at UM leaving the imprints on my forehead vivider than ever. They're geniuses. All of my close friends are geniuses T_T
 Good luck in UM, both of you!

 I'm not nice all the time but I'm still mediocre haha.
 These geniuses again. Egh. i kid!
Miss Fusako Soeda Hayashi! She's so so nice and she gave us these paper ball thingys Japanese kids play that I... misplaced T_T
 Malam Emas thingy. With Jess and Sasha, grew closer with them in Sem II, and my English presentation-mates which we awesomed at (we think) alhamdulillah.
My first roommate, the ever so comel Kak Huda. She's currently pursuing mechanical engineering at Hiroshima University (another genius -_-) I learned so much from her and talked so much with her and laughed so much with her. I introduced her to Aiman Azlan and she introduced me to Hilal Asyraf hehe.
These two are my balcony neighbours and my very close friends and arguably the people I spend most of my time with at PASUM. They helped me so much in my studies, and I had many good memories with the three of them. Ain's pursuing chemical engineering at UTM and Finie's pursuing medicine (again) at UM. I swear my tujuh keturunan is going to have free medical attention in the future.

As for me, well, I didn't get to pursue dentistry like I always wanted, but I got an offer to pursue psychology, alhamdulillah, nevertheless.

Long story short,  I applied for dentistry at Al-Azhar University and alhamdulillah, I got an offer! Syukur. Though I'm skeptical if I can cope with the extra subjects of tafseer, fiqh etc what with memorizing one juz every year... Don't get me wrong, I love this, truly, this is my chance to improve myself spiritually, but I'm just afraid of coping. I know the limits of my abilities, and sometimes you have to step down even though you want something.

Pray for me.