Monday, August 30, 2010

I want that blazer! Ohh I forgot, I live near the equator.

Salam allo.

Ain't this outfit preety? This is Hana, and if I'm not mistaken, she's a muslim Japanese; and she has her own fashion line called Maysaa or something. I like her style, although some are a wee bit extravagant for me (if you know me, you'd know how 'extravagant' scale of mine exceeds. HINT: not much.) I especially like this simple one of hers, it's a wee bit like me, a LITTLE tomboyish and perhaps, the only hints of (muslimah) femininity is perhaps the headscarf and some other things, like some floral prints and stuff. But of course, I can't see myself wearing a pashmina. I've wore it a few times, but was left under the impression of being totally out of whack, and downright weird. It's pretty when I see others wear it, but it just doesn't seem to fit me.

Of course that does not help considering the minuscule portion of self-esteem I have in myself.

Or is it because I have self-esteem as vast as the (insert a witty simile here) that I feel uncomfortable in wearing things out of my norm?

But nevertheless, I like browsing around muslimah style blogs and watch in awe on how creative and risky they are in styling themselves and all, and show the world that they too could glam up, but still hold on to their roots.

Well except me lah, ehak. Oh and a fact: I still wear the (only) jeans I have since I was 12 or 13. Minus the belt and the twice-fold. And I have two exact pairs of it since I INHERITED one from my LITTLE brother who outgrew it eons ago.