Saturday, February 28, 2009

Untitled. Undecided.

Salam, allo! :D

Alhamdulillah, after a loooong
year of waiting incessantly
(ceh, tak smpai setaun pown),
akhirnya, majalah sekolah edisi 08
berada dalam genggamanku! :D
My poem was one of the ones
that were featured, Alhamdulillah..
Here it is the poem that I'm talking about:

Ache on places never thought I had

All mixed up, abundant and sad

My heart tends to sized up overnight

It doesn’t beat like a feather as light

As I clutch my knees to my chest

I shed blue tears on my cheeks

My heart can’t beat any longer

I was in pain and sore

My feet were difficult to lift

As I slumped to the coarse floor

Nobody took a second look

Neither concerned nor cared

Opens and closes like a dull book

As I shut my weary eyes

Waiting in a long night

Neither hoping nor wanting

I heard a distant footstep

Crept nearer and nearer

As the sun rays enter my eyes

I witnessed a beaming smile

From the jovial face I knew
I knew it swept many blues

From the gentle eyes I knew

It’ll lead me to see a new dawn

From the firm hands I knew

I knew it’s someone I’d depend on

From that, I comprehend,

It was a friend.

~ amNas, April 30th '08, 11.59 p.m.

The person that was called a "friend" in the
last verse actually depends on the reader.
It could be your :
mother, father, best friends, classmates, teachers
whoever actually, that's the magic of poems.
Besides expressing yourself in an alternative way,
the poem actually falls upon the reader's imagination.
For example: Reader A could interpret in a way that
could be the opposite of the interpretation of Reader B.
Err, harap2 faham apa yg saya cuba nak sampaikan.. :P

I'd like to thank Amirah for helping with some verses in the poem :)
Anyway, I don't think my poems are that good cause
most of them are just the straight forward kind, just obvious.
I think I was focusing to much on the rhyming part x) HEHE.
NVM. Hmm, unlike Amirah's, she makes really good poems! :D
I particularly liked the one that's about the war in Palestine
[look up for it in her blog: "Amirah Shukri" in the Blogger Buddies section]

Today, I'd like to show a poem I've been working on.
For the past few years [ceh, bunyi cam dah lama sangat je x)]
I usually make poems that centered around
the people I love and involved with,
about my parents, my friends and my teachers :)
But now I'm making a poem that is not what I usually make.

Well, see it for yourself and
tell me what you think, ok? :)
Btw, note that my work
is not exactly the right kind
to be compared to the the works of
A. Samad Said, William Shakespeare,
Emily Dickinson or William Butler Yeats.
Not even close, okay? x) Ohrait, here it is..
Oh yeah, one more thing, this is only
a preview, only one part of my poem,
since I'm still working on it and
the stanzas are all messed up so
I'll show you the rest when it's ready, insyaAllah :)
Here's the preview:

"In the time when despair and agony
Paid an unfortunate visit
We didn’t came to You
We request for its curb
From the ones that are with us
In times of merriment
From the ones that vanquish
In times of our anguish"

Well, that concludes the preview :)
Mainly, this poem is about how we
dread miseries that befall upon us and
we blame Allah s.w.t for it, astaghfirullah.
But at the same time we never prayed
Or make an effort to solve our problems
We aren't grateful for the success He blessed,
the riches and wealth He bestowed upon us.
We disobey His orders which led us to the path of loss and doom.

I made a lot of research for this poem,
visiting religious sites to increase my knowledge
and because I didn't know most of the translation to English
since I learned the phrases and verses in Malay.
I also got some help from thesaurus and dictionary websites
to increase the depth of vocabulary in my poem. The websites are:

There are others besides, but I lost track of it.
Nevertheless, I'm grateful that I visited the religious websites
because it really opened my eyes. Alhamdulillah :D
I recommend that you visit the first two websites.
You won't regret visiting it, insyaAllah :)

Oye, I'd like a verse like this to put in the poem:

"In Jahannam (neraka, hell) the pain, unthinkable,
In your Jannah (syurga, paradise) I'm not eligible"

Hmm, or something like that. But the stanzas are still messed up
so I haven't found the appropriate places to put these verses yet.
Plus, I haven't put a thought about the title yet.
So, UNTITLED it is for now x)

I'm also in the state of confusion as to whether
I should refer to Allah s.w.t in the poem as You or Thy.
For example: "Grant us Thy forgiveness, for Thy are forgiving."
Hmm, harap2 saya akan dapat pilih yg terbaik nanti InsyaAllah..

Hmm tadi on the way turun bukit sekolah, dok bual dengan Alya.
I was talking about the profession that I'd prefer in the future.
InsyaAllah, kali ini tetap. I want to teach English & Biology! :DD
HAHA, cam reti sangat je Bio.. Nak "kecek" BI pun susah nak buka mulut..
Nak tulis tu takpelaah. Hmm, takpe...
Yang penting, ada minat yang tinggi dan niat yang baik,
usaha yang berterusan dan konsisten,
berkat Allah dan ibubapa dsb, kan? Fighting! Fighting! :DD

Maybe many would recommend being a lecturer as the pay
is higher and it doesn't require much dedication and all that..
That's the point. I don't want to receive my pay for nothing.

Alya pown berpendapat camtu. Apa2pun,
saya tak tahu sgt pasal kerja jadi lecturer ni,
so maybe I shouldn't judge it like that..

Tapi yang saya tau nak jadi cikgu ni bukan senang.
Mesti tension lebih2 lagi kalau murid2 yg diajar
tak peka kepada apa yg kita cakap kat depan.
Err, saya pown sbrnya hendah buat pengakuan;
kekadang saya sendiri pown, err.. tak peka.. :P
Hmm tu susahnya nak jadi cikgu, teknik kena betul,
cara penyampaian kena menarik & all that jazz
Tapi takpe, I accept that as a challenge :D

Hmm, dunnolah.. Kita hanya mampu merancang,
semuanya terletak pada Allah s.w.t. kan?
Hmm, doakan saya berjaya dan agar niat saya ikhlas
utk memikul kerjaya ni, InsyaAllah..
CEH, cam besok je nak kerja dah.

Hmm course pown tak pasti nak amik apa lg sbnrnye..
English course kot.. Hmm, it's still UNDECIDED.
Harap2, hala tujuan yang akan dipilih betul,
membuah hasil dan mendapat keberkatan-Nya InsyaAllah.

Setakat sini sajelah coretan saya pada hari ini, okeyh??
Wasalam, thanks for reading :)